Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meeting our Children

So these are the pictures everyone has been waiting for! The day we meant our children for the first time. We were waiting in our courtyard of our guesthouse, they bring the kids to us. And this is moments before we get our kids.

I couldn't believe how the kids came to us. Ash came running up to me and hugged me. Mekie was a bit shy but walked right up to Derek. And then we switched and Ash went to Derek and Mekie with me. The were so excited but you could tell they weren't sure of what to do. But after we got them we took them up to our room to show them their bookbags that we filled with toys. They seemed a little scared but they were laughing at their toys and playing. It was so much fun getting to know them that day. But it was so nerve wracking because you didn't want to do anything to upset them or scare them. The second day was the hardest of that entire week in ET. The kids' personalities were not what I expected, they were the opposite. Ash was more quiet and shy but aggressive. And Mekie was so sweet and cuddly and funny. Nothing like I expected. I had so much fear that second day. I didn't know how Ash was going to fit into our family and I was so scared to bring him home! The Mancini's that we traveled with were so great. We shared a lot of our feeling with them and their feelings with us and it really helped us get through those trying times. And they had adopted before and they explained that what we were feeling was normal and it will get better.

Well as of today, it is getting better. Everyday Ash fits more and more into our family and so does Mekie. I truely can't believe how wonderful the kids are doing. They are defiently troopers and they have brought so much joy to this family (and craziness!!!).

Thank you Lord for bringing Mekie and Ash into this family!!! You are an amazing God with greater plans than I could ever dream of. And Lord, you sure do know how to grow a persons faith!!!

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  1. Love this!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!!!!!