Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garrett's first day of school was today! I told him that I would wake him up this morning at 7 am and I heard him come down at 6:48. He was dressed and ready to go. He was so excited! But he was also nervous because he was scared he would forget his teacher's name and his room number.

So when the time came we went outside to wait for the bus and he kept asking his teacher's name and room number. Ash and Ethan was outside too to watch their big brother get on the bus. So Garrett and I walked down the drive and the bus came shortly after. Garrett knew just what to do. He got to the middle of the road and didn't know which way to get on but figured it out and off he went. My baby is off to school. I was holding back the tears but Ethan didn't. He was screaming for Garrett and saying "me ride bus"!!!
I just can't believe my baby is off to school. Garrett and I had 3 1/2 years together without any other kids in the house. So it was hard to watch him go. But the good news is that he was excited to go and I will pick him up at 11 am.
And we are home, 1st day done! And it was good from the 3 words that he said "it was good"!

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