Monday, August 2, 2010

Derek and Wendy have the kids

This is Kari, Derek and Wendy's sister-in-law and I will be trying to keep you updated with the latest news.
They arrived in Addis Ababa safely on Sunday as planned.
They received the children this morning(Monday). They said the kids were happy to see them but they are pretty shy. Ash is a little more standoffish but Mekie is very cuddly and loving. That was a surprise because they thought it would be the other way around.
Both of the kids speak Amharic fluently but they do know a few English words which is a good start. They both recited their ABC's for Derek and Wendy. Mekie is already calling them Mommy and Daddy (though sometimes calls Derek mommy).
They are very grateful for all the prayers and support from all their family and friends and ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers.


  1. Derek and Wendy,
    So thrilled to read your story today! I didn't know any of this was going on, but so so happy for you!! Will certainly be praying for all of you. God bless you as you bring these precious children into your family.
    Sandi Boothman

  2. yea!!! sooo excited for you! praying continually! the uribes are on the way to spend the night at the airport tonight (thursday) to start their own adventure on friday... tell mommy (derek) we said hi... :-)