Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Under Attack!

We have had quite a month! The month started off with a coffeemaker breaking (not so bad), followed by our microwave, then Derek's work computer overheating and crashing (right before he had to travel). That happened the first week of the month. I had just gotten back a few days before this week started from Ohio. My mom had knee surgery and I was with her for 4-5 days and I was just starting to get back in my routines with the boys when this started. I also had to catch up with my work since I had been gone for a few days.

So the second week started with Derek traveling for most of that week and just me and the boys. So while he was gone, Garrett started to have a lot of problems with school. Then that same week, we received emails that Ethiopia is establishing stricter regulations for their adoption process to make sure the children are truely orphans (which is a good thing, but adds time to the process) and then the big news came out that there will be 2 trips now to Ethiopia (which will add another traveling cost to the adoption). So Derek was still gone at this time, it was really hard to discuss all of this while he was gone.

So the start of the third week, we still were having some issues with Garrett but as the week progressed we started a new approach and was doing good by the end of the week. Then come to find out, the 2nd trip to Ethiopia is not in effect yet but something the courts are working on. So good news, right? Well, this week was seeming to be better! Garrett doing better with school, not a second trip yet, Derek was back home. But things came up with Derek's work and he was only home for one day before he left again and was gone most of the week. So not too bad for the 3rd week but getting tired of Derek being gone.

So the 4th week started, and we were so hopeful for a good week with Derek being home with no sight of traveling this week. And then our home computer crashed one night and not knowing if we could get any of our data off it (kid's pics, my work). Then the very next day our water softner breaks. Not knowing it yet, started laundry and clothes came out orange! Then Molly, our dog, got sick the very same day. Was up all night coughing! So had to take her to the vet. So it was a very expensive week!!! However, by the end of this week we were in such disbelief with everything that had happened I was just starting to laugh! I had cried so much by this point there was nothing else to do except laugh!

So as this week started, again we were hopeful for a good week but starting to feel defeated. But thanks to my great friends, I had lots of encouragement! We started off with some good news that we were able to restore the computer with no data loss. So as of right now, we are waiting for a water softner and iron eradicator (I love saying that!!). So yesterday, I headed to the laundry mat to finish our laundry. And today we were able to let Molly back in the house (no more coughing), we have our computer back and running. So I am feeling like we are starting to get back to normal. Still need a microwave! The coffeemaker seems to be working again but the coffee taste horrible because of the water! I wish the more expensive things would fix themselves! Garrett is doing great in school again and Derek is going to be home all week and weekend!

But with all that bad news, we had great news today! We mailed in our dossier! We are officially on the waiting list! We are first in line for a set of girls and 2nd in line for a sibling set of a boy and girl! We are so excited! I can not wait to see what children God will bring into our lives!! He is such an amazing God. Also, my goal for myself of getting in the dossier was April 1st and it will be there today at 3pm. So all in God answered my prayer but not a day sooner!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We received our draft for our homestudy yesterday. I was so excited! Finally something new has happened in the since the few weeks. So soon as IAG approves it then we can get everything ready to send in for our dossier!!! We have been occupying our time by reading up on Ethiopia, learning Amharic (Derek more than me right now) and following our yahoo group with IAG.

However some news came last week that they may be trying to have two trips to Ethiopia now instead of one. We is exciting that we could see our kids sooner but frustrating because that will add another big chunk of money to our expenses. So at one point last week they said it was true that it is two trips now but than they came back later in the week and said that it's not true yet but Ethiopia is trying to get 2 trips. So, I know that God is in control and that whatever happens it will be for the best!

We also taped our testimony last night for the church services this week. That was so hard for Derek and I as we don't like being in front of people on tape. But so excited that we had this opportunity to tell the church what God is doing in our lives! So we are nervous to watch that tomorrow!

So that's all for now!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am so excited I just figured out how to add music to my blog. What an accomplishment!!!