Saturday, March 20, 2010

We received our draft for our homestudy yesterday. I was so excited! Finally something new has happened in the since the few weeks. So soon as IAG approves it then we can get everything ready to send in for our dossier!!! We have been occupying our time by reading up on Ethiopia, learning Amharic (Derek more than me right now) and following our yahoo group with IAG.

However some news came last week that they may be trying to have two trips to Ethiopia now instead of one. We is exciting that we could see our kids sooner but frustrating because that will add another big chunk of money to our expenses. So at one point last week they said it was true that it is two trips now but than they came back later in the week and said that it's not true yet but Ethiopia is trying to get 2 trips. So, I know that God is in control and that whatever happens it will be for the best!

We also taped our testimony last night for the church services this week. That was so hard for Derek and I as we don't like being in front of people on tape. But so excited that we had this opportunity to tell the church what God is doing in our lives! So we are nervous to watch that tomorrow!

So that's all for now!

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