Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Little Ethan

Oh, my Ethan! He is going to my baby boy even when he is 18! He melts my heart in every way. He is the sweetest, caring, loving kind hearted little boy and says the funniest things, BUT he is a little monster. He has broke more things around the house then my other 3 kids, he is always crying because he can't catch up, or crying for some other reason, he hits and screams when his brothers or sisters won't give him something he wants, and he is the worst to take into a store! But no matter what, he brings so much joy into my life that I'm tearing up while writing this. He just has to come to me with his head hung low and his big brown eyes and tell me, "I sorry, mommy" and I can't help but forgive him. However, there are those moments where he has to leave the area I'm in for a while so I can calm down like the day that he pulled his birthday cake down on top of him right after I just picked the cake up from my cake lady. Or the day that he hung on my desk drawer until the drawer fell to the ground. But again, he is my baby, and I keep telling my self that is why God made him so cute, so I would eventually forgive him and move on with my day!

So his new favorite saying is "Cause I don't want to!" So I say, "we have to go get the kids from school, lets go!" And he replies, "Cause I don't want to" So no matter what you say to him and he doesn't want to do it, he will reply with "Cause". It is so cute and I have to admit that I have let it go on longer then I should but again, he is my baby! And he knows that because when he gets to do something the other kids don't, he tells them all "I'm the baby!". He is such a stinkpot!

So the picture below is of Ethan falling asleep on the steps while I was getting ready for a jewelry show! I told him to stay in his room for quiet time and he wouldn't. So I made him sit on the steps until I was all done in the bathroom. So when I came out he was sound to sleep on a stack of towels that I had folded earlier! It was just so cute!!! So that is what my little Ethan is up to, making me smile and warming my heart but always, and I mean always keeping me up on my toes!!!!
I love you little man!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday for Ash and Ethan

. I wanted to share the Birthday party we had for Ash and Ethan. After we finished with wrestling that morning, the family then joined us to open presents and eat cake and ice cream. Ethan's actually birthday is on 12-27 and Ash's is 02-02. But we always celebrate Ethan's birthday in March because that is what Derek and I decided to do. (despite the grumbles we hear, we like it) And then Ash's birthday weekend was full and so were the following weekends. So we decided since it was getting so close to March when we would have Ethan's we should just celebrate the birthday parties together. So Ash wanted a Monster Truck party and Ethan wanted Lightening McQueen. So at the bottom you will see the cake that had both!
The boys enjoyed all their presents and money. They took turns opening the presents that way everyone could see what they got!

Both of them got some summer clothes and a camping chair with their names of it. Ash got some DS games and of course, monster trucks and more. Ethan got Lightening McQueen toys and Tonka truck track and other outdoor things.

So this was their cake. Monster Trucks and Mcqueen cars! I had a friend that made the cake, trying to take the stress out of me feeling the need to plan a big party! So the now funny story about the cake is when I got home from picking up the cake from my friend, I put the cake on the counter and pushed it back so it was out of sight, out of mind plus thinking the kids couldn't reach it. Little did I know, Ethan could reach it! And he wanted to see his Lightening McQueen cake so bad. So he was pulling the cake towards him and I walked right out of my bedroom and saw the cake (which was pretty heavy) fall right on top of him. I was in slow motion screaming, "NO!" I was so mad at him!!! But Derek took him out to run some errands so I could repair the cake and calm down. So when he came back he had his sad face and said sorry to mommy! The cake fell on it's side to it smashed the edging and the cars all feel off and dented the cake on top. So I took the crumbs that was suppose to be the dirt and filled in the dents. So it, luckily, was still in pretty good shape! So that is our funny store about the cake this year!
The boys both loved their cake, made a wish and blowed out the candles!
Happy Birthday to my baby boys!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Boy's First Wrestling Meet

This year, both boys were old enough to wrestle. And we heard story upon story of how Ash used to wrestle in Ethiopia. So I asked Ash if he wanted to wrestle and of course he did. So once Ash wanted to do it, so did Garrett. There are meets that the boys can go to all through the season but we decided just to try the Leo meet. Then we went ahead and invited the family out to watch the boys wrestle and then celebrate Ash and Ethan's birthday's after. When the boys woke up that morning they were full of excitement and anticipation. But as they got there and there were a lot of kids, they were getting scared. My whole family was there to watch them so Garrett and Ash were sitting with us until it was time to wrestle.

This was Ash's first match. He did really good but he lost both of his matches. It is quite a different scene at a wrestling meet than I'm used to. It was really hard for me to listen to the other dad screaming at the top of his lungs to his child to take down my son!
This was one of the times Ash was on top! YEAH.
Mekie loving on her brother!!!

Garrett's first match. He also did a great job but lost both matches also. His last match didn't end so well as he hurt his elbow and then didn't want to shake hands. So after he calmed down he did go and shake the boy's hand but that might be the end of his wrestling career! (I can only hope!!! I can't handle my baby being taken down and there is nothing I can do)

The wrestling tournament did bring back good memories for my family. My brother wrestled in a club like the boys when he was little. So it was fun thinking about those fun times. But the boys were ready to head home and get into party mode! The next set of photos will be from Ash and Ethan's birthday party with the family.

Ash's First American Birthday

I have not posted in so long. But I have so much to share. So many fun things have happened since my last post. We celebrated Ash's first birthday which is actually his 5th birthday. So we are keeping the birthday's low key this year we just invited some friends over. Ash's actually birthday was on the blizzard so we had his friend's over the next day. I made cupcakes and little goodie bags up and the kids just played for a few hours in the basement and then came up for cupcakes!

Well I will keep adding more posts soon. We still have another birthday to post! I have to run and pick Garrett up from school and get Mekie ready to go to school. Then we are off to enjoy this beautiful spring weather.