Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Boy's First Wrestling Meet

This year, both boys were old enough to wrestle. And we heard story upon story of how Ash used to wrestle in Ethiopia. So I asked Ash if he wanted to wrestle and of course he did. So once Ash wanted to do it, so did Garrett. There are meets that the boys can go to all through the season but we decided just to try the Leo meet. Then we went ahead and invited the family out to watch the boys wrestle and then celebrate Ash and Ethan's birthday's after. When the boys woke up that morning they were full of excitement and anticipation. But as they got there and there were a lot of kids, they were getting scared. My whole family was there to watch them so Garrett and Ash were sitting with us until it was time to wrestle.

This was Ash's first match. He did really good but he lost both of his matches. It is quite a different scene at a wrestling meet than I'm used to. It was really hard for me to listen to the other dad screaming at the top of his lungs to his child to take down my son!
This was one of the times Ash was on top! YEAH.
Mekie loving on her brother!!!

Garrett's first match. He also did a great job but lost both matches also. His last match didn't end so well as he hurt his elbow and then didn't want to shake hands. So after he calmed down he did go and shake the boy's hand but that might be the end of his wrestling career! (I can only hope!!! I can't handle my baby being taken down and there is nothing I can do)

The wrestling tournament did bring back good memories for my family. My brother wrestled in a club like the boys when he was little. So it was fun thinking about those fun times. But the boys were ready to head home and get into party mode! The next set of photos will be from Ash and Ethan's birthday party with the family.

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