Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Little Ethan

Oh, my Ethan! He is going to my baby boy even when he is 18! He melts my heart in every way. He is the sweetest, caring, loving kind hearted little boy and says the funniest things, BUT he is a little monster. He has broke more things around the house then my other 3 kids, he is always crying because he can't catch up, or crying for some other reason, he hits and screams when his brothers or sisters won't give him something he wants, and he is the worst to take into a store! But no matter what, he brings so much joy into my life that I'm tearing up while writing this. He just has to come to me with his head hung low and his big brown eyes and tell me, "I sorry, mommy" and I can't help but forgive him. However, there are those moments where he has to leave the area I'm in for a while so I can calm down like the day that he pulled his birthday cake down on top of him right after I just picked the cake up from my cake lady. Or the day that he hung on my desk drawer until the drawer fell to the ground. But again, he is my baby, and I keep telling my self that is why God made him so cute, so I would eventually forgive him and move on with my day!

So his new favorite saying is "Cause I don't want to!" So I say, "we have to go get the kids from school, lets go!" And he replies, "Cause I don't want to" So no matter what you say to him and he doesn't want to do it, he will reply with "Cause". It is so cute and I have to admit that I have let it go on longer then I should but again, he is my baby! And he knows that because when he gets to do something the other kids don't, he tells them all "I'm the baby!". He is such a stinkpot!

So the picture below is of Ethan falling asleep on the steps while I was getting ready for a jewelry show! I told him to stay in his room for quiet time and he wouldn't. So I made him sit on the steps until I was all done in the bathroom. So when I came out he was sound to sleep on a stack of towels that I had folded earlier! It was just so cute!!! So that is what my little Ethan is up to, making me smile and warming my heart but always, and I mean always keeping me up on my toes!!!!
I love you little man!!!

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