Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy to be Home!

Well, we have just come home from a very exciting and emotional week in Ethiopia. What a ride it was, and I have a feeling it's just getting started!

We tried to take video and were were going to upload it while in Ethiopia but the internet connection was so slow that it took forever to upload my email pages and I never could get connected to my blog. So we uploaded some video before we got our kids. The first is us at the airport waiting to board the 15 hour flight to Ethiopia. We were so excited to get there and meet our children.

This next video of us is in the van driving from the airport to the guest house. We got in the van and our driver cranked up some Ethiopian music. Loved it. We were in airports and airplanes for 28 hours. WE were so exhausted at this point but excited to finally be in Ethiopia. We started off seeing very nice, luxurious houses right when we left the airport but after a mile of that we turned and the streets were lined with homeless men and women and children. It is rainy season in Ethiopia and they were all covered with tarps and plastic. All the emotions at this time were so hard to deal with because of exhaustion but excitement to get our kids but heartache for all those people.

This next video is of us waiting in the courtyard for our children. All the emotion we were fealing at this point was so crazy. We were so excited to meet our children but there was fear of the unknown. We had a good night rest Sunday night when we arrived and woke up on Monday well rested and ready to meet our children. We took showers (in water that is not good water, advised not to drink it because we would get sick from it). Then went down to get breakfast (breakfast included with our stay at the guest house. Scrambled eggs fried in oil and toast.

We traveled with another great Christian family, The Mancini's. It was truely a blessing to have them with us. We did everything with them so when you see video of other people than us it's probably the Mancini's that you see. They brought their 2 older children, Allison and Caleb. And they also had 2 children back home with one adopted from China.

The emotion of waiting for our children to arrive was so hard. At least I, Wendy, was nervous and shaking. So here is some video of us waiting with views of the courtyard.

More posts to follow, STAY TUNED!!!

Derek and Wendy

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