Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spring planting!

I had an idea to plant some seeds as a fun activity for the kids. So we picked up these greenhouse start-up kits. They each got to pick out their own seed packets. (We have radishes and no one likes radishes! But that's what you get when they can't read the package so we will be trying radishes later this summer!) So above Daddy is explaining what we are doing.

Ethan is dropping his seeds into the holes. So we have some carrots, peas, flowers, tomatoes, and radishes.

Later that day, it got warmer so the kids got their water guns out. They went crazy squirting each other. By the end they were soaked! They had so much fun.

As you can tell from the background, it was early spring and there wasn't even leaves on the trees but for some reason it was hot that weekend. So I am trying to catch up to recent photos! I will get there some day.

So the next set of pictures will be Easter! Yes, I know I am way behind!

We have been really busy with working on the fundraiser. We hope that you all make it. So make sure you have the date saved on your calendar, FRIDAY, JULY 8TH 6:30-9:30. We are finishing up getting donations in and I am so excited for all of you to see the generosity of so many companies and people. Derek and I are now working on advertising. We will be setting up booths this weekend and speaking at a church to get the word out.

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