Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easter 2011

Boy, am I way behind or what!!! Easter? Well, we have the auction behind us and now I will try and catch up. So yes, Easter! So this was Mekie and Ash's frist Easter and first time coloring eggs.

Mekie being a little "Princess" as we call her.

Ethan silly as usual!!

Garrett and Daddy were arguing back and forth about being a smurf! So the history behind being a "smurf" is that one year when Garrett was around 3 he spilled blue dye on himself and Derek called him a smurf. So every year Garrett wants Derek to spill blue on him so Garrett can call daddy "Papa Smurf". But it hasn't happened yet!!

This was Easter morning!

This was our annual Easter picture! So happy Easter (a few months behind)

More to come on our silent auction so stay tuned!

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