Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just another Saturday Morning...

The morning starting off with donuts and cartoons, what could be a better start to a Saturday than that for kiddos?

Ethan turns out to be the messiest one of all!Ash has his smile mostly all day long!

But here below was the true realty for Ash and Mekie less than a year ago!

This was their food every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No options, they eat it or go hungry!This is their choice of drink, WATER! No orange juice to accompany their donut, no milk to quench their thirst but dirty lake water with who knows what is in it!

And below is their style of house, no heat on cold nights, no air on hot days! No basement, no bathrooms, no seperate rooms for the kids and parents, all on one big bed (not the kind that is soft with pillowtops or down feathers, no it's the kind with sticks and straw). That's where my babies are from, that was their typical Saturday morning and every other day! Just say a prayer for the children in the 3rd world countries tomorrow as you click on the Saturday morning cartoons and have 100's of options on what to eat and drink for breakfast!!!!

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