Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well I'm a little behind on pictures so I wanted to show you what fun we had on New Years.
These are some pictures from New Years Eve. We had such a great time. Derek's brother and wife came out with their daughter and my brother and his wife came out. The kids were so excited to show their aunts and uncles their new toys from Christmas. We also played the new Wii Dancing for kids game. And as you can tell the adults enjoyed it too. The picture above is of Kari, Derek's brother's wife that is 20 weeks pregnant, and me. And the picture below is Derek and his brother.
And then we decided to go ice skating. I had only went skating once and Derek had never gone. So we were about to take 4 kids with us having no experience on how to skate. Sounds like fun! Well we had enough help that day so we tried it! It was actually a really fun time. The other nice thing about having family there was that Derek and I got to skate a couple rounds together!

Uncle Doug and Ash. Ash was pretty unsure of himself. But he was doing much better by the end. He was even trying it by himself.
Aunt Elissa and Mekie. Mekie is so light that it was easy to skate with her. She was also unsure but found her skating legs pretty fast.
Garrett- he amazed me. His first time skating and he took off with no help. Yes, he fell quite a bit and was soaked by the end but he didn't complain once. He had a great time. Oh, to be a kid again!!
And then my little baby- he had to stay with Uncle Tyler and he wasn't too happy. He wanted to skate so bad. Maybe next year, Ethan!

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Well today school is closed and I'm actually singing and dancing that my kids are home with me today! I might not be singing and dancing by the end of the day but for now we are excited. We had a busy day planned today but now we are going to be playing in the snow and doing things around the house. I'm ready for a day with my kiddos!!! Get ready...set...and we're off to enjoy a day home!!

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