Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our little Girl from Awassa, Ethiopia

This is the little girl we sponsor through Starved 4 Hope. Her name is Birtukan and $34 a month gives her food, basic medical needs, an education, and most importantly discipleship. As a family we are so excited to be committed to pray and correspondence with her, she will witness the love of Christ in a way she wouldn't otherwise. Her picture is on our fridge and we have explained to the kids what sponsorship is about. I think the older ones understand but the younger ones don't quite get it. Mekie keeps asking when they are coming home. And Garrett says it's like we have 6 kids!!(We have another child through Compassion) In addition, through sponsorship, we are also able to provide an opportunity for our children to be a part of a global mission. What a wonderful way to teach them to care for others as God instructs us; through this outreach program, we are able to teach our children to be aware of the issues that effect people throughout the world. But, not only are we raising our children's awareness, they are actually helping to make a difference.

The thing I love about Starved 4 Hope and Hope Chest is that you are able to go on annual mission trips and visit your child or children. Since Derek and I were wanting to go back to Ethiopia on a regular basis, this really was exctting to us. So when we travel back we can actually take packages to our child.

To tell you a little more, Starved 4 Hope is a Christian, non-profit organization that has partnered with Children’s Hope Chest to be coordinators and advocates for the Tullo Kebele School in Awassa, Ethiopia. Currently, all funds for projects, mission trips, and sponsorship are paid through Children’s Hope Chest as they have already established their 501©3 status (which S4H is in the process of filing for).

So, please, contact Derek or I as soon as possible so this children can experience the love of God! There are still 128 kids still needing a sponsor! Please look at the post below for links to Starved 4 Hope and Hope Chest.

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