Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Long Week.....

Well it has been one long week. Derek left Monday morning and won't be back until Friday evening. Well I started off feeling fine and as the day progressed I felt a head cold coming on. And then by 7:30 my head was in the toilet. I got some kind of flu bug and was throwing up all night. So in between throwing up I had to get the 4 kids put to bed without getting any germs on them. Garrett and Ash were such good boys and big help. And then I had such a great friend that took my kids all day on Tuesday for me so I could sleep and disinfect the house. So far the kids are healthy but I still have an unsettled stomach. Ugghhh!!!

So finally on Wednesday I started feeling better and took the kids to a spagehetti dinner at their preschool. It was called Home for the Holidays and they had "The Willy Wonka Shop" for the kids to pick out gifts for others for .25. And then they could wrap them. Then they had crafts and decorating cookies with hot chocolate. The kids really had a great time and were so well behaved. You never know what will happen when you have 4 kids and only 1 mommy.

Then today I finished wrapping presents and only have a few more things to get and I'm done. That's right, DONE!!! I am glad to have that done so I can focus on baking! I love baking! Then we ordered in pizza and watching Strawberry Shortcake.
Only one more night to go! Can't wait to you come home. We miss you and love you!!

Ethan trying to dress himself. Keep trying, Ethan, you'll get it!
Oh, my boys!! They make me so proud. Garrett is using the vacum, Ash the dust buster, and Ethan his toy vacum. They boys will make excellent husbands someday!!

And this was the day after Thanksgiving. I had been up since 2:45 in the morning because I was on of those crazy shoppers out at 3 a.m. But I had promised to get the tree up and decorated. So after we finished decorating the tree, I pulled out santa hats and the kids went crazy! We have had so much fun this holiday season doing all our traditions with Ash and Mekie. They are such a blessing!

Well I hope to get more pictures up of the kid's meeting Santa in the next few days so stay tuned!!!

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