Sunday, October 31, 2010

Walz's Halloween Party

The sky outside our house on Friday night. It was gorgeous!

I decided to have a little Halloween party for our kids on Friday night. I decorated up the kitchen.

Put together each kid a place setting. They had a coloring sheet, their pumpkin they picked out, and paint.

They each got their own masks. Oh, my little monsters!!!

I made a brownie Frankenstein cake. Not my best work but the kids approved!

Daddy and I wanted to me scarey monsters too!

Ash's first time carving a pumpkin! He laughed so hard. I wish you all could hear his laugh, it melts my heart!

Mekie's first time she smiled and laughed but didn't get too excited. She went back to painting her pumpkin. Derek finished carving it yesterday. It turned out so cute. I should've took a pic but didn't get to it!

The kids had so much fun painting their pumpkins.

Then we played a few games. Pin the nose on the pumpkin and a pumpkin search in the basement! Ash and Mekie had some many firsts in one day. It is so much fun showing them all these new experiences. Garrett and Ethan have fun teaching them about it and then watching them when they do it.

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