Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Mekie with her baby doll. She is starting to play more now with baby dolls. She carries them on her back like they do in ET, gives them bottles, changes their clothes....etc. This day I did her hair in braids and then used a butterfly clip to hold them. You can't tell from the picture but I need to improve on my braiding. But she loved it!
This is what happened yesterday! Garrett tells me "Mom, is it okay if I dress up Mekie". My answer, "Sure, I don't care" and this was the result. She had in a headband 2 flowers, butterfly clips and pony tails. She did have a dress on and I took it off before I took the picture. I now wish I would've left it on because it completed the look! And then she had lip gloss all over her lips and chin. They were up there for quite a while and I was starting to get concerned about how she was going to look and how messed up her room would be. Then I heard Garrett yell "MOM" So I went to the steps and here comes Mekie "Mommy, look, me pretty!!!" Yes, she was pretty all right! She was so happy and full of joy! So these are a few pics of her (some with her silly faces when she gets a little wound up)!

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