Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Derek's Birthday

So yesterday was Derek's Birthday (31!!!) In the morning, I put together a candy bouquet for him with a big Happy Birthday balloon. And when I picked the kids up from school we went down to Derek's work to surprise him. I called Sandy, she works across from him, and she let me in so he had no idea we were coming. So my plan was for all of us to surprise him together but Garrett took off and stood in front of Derek's office saying "Mom, he's right here!" But he was still surprised to see us and excited about his candy! So we visted for a while but then hurried home to finish getting things ready for when he got home. We had to wrap his presents, bake and decorate a cake, and try to clean up the house from the weekend. This is how the cake turned out! So I took 3 candles and then added the 1st birthday candle to make 31 but I was doing it upside down and it's backwards. Ooops!

The kids were so excited for Derek to come last night. Ash and Garrett decorated the kitchen with streamers. They picked the different colors and where they wanted them. I just helped them reach! So our kitchen was very colorful! I also told the kids that we were going to hide and when daddy got home we were going to jump out and yell happy birthday! So I sent Ash outside ( I know he would have the most patience to wait). So Ash was out there for about 10 minutes and I went out to check on him and he was sitting in the same spot, he hadn't moved at all! What a good little boy! So we finished waiting together and when we saw him we ran in to hide. The kids were so excited, they were trying really hard to contain themselves. So when Derek came in, the kids jumped out and said "Happy Birthday Daddy!" I made Derek is favorite meal, meatloaf, potatoes, baked beans, and grean beans. Then we played outside, since it was such a gorgeous day. Then came in for cake and ice cream. We lit the cake and sang "Happy Birthday". Ash and Mekie were so excited. This is another first for them, a birthday party!

Derek (and Ash) blowing out the candles!
After cake we had Derek open his presents. This was how excited Ash was! He knew what Derek was getting and wanted to tell him so bad but was so excited about the Derek opening the presents.
Garrett and Ash made Derek cards.
Derek got a new shirt, belt, wallet, and a digital picture frame for his office!
Garrett and Ethan loved the ice cream cones. Even Ash and Mekie are starting to like ice cream more. Ash ate half the cone before he couldn't eat it anymore. Mekie ate all of it! I can't believe their are kids that don't like ice cream!

Well Happy Birthday Honey! I love you so much and I hope you know how much we appreciate you!

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