Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Derek and I are so excited for our adoption shower coming up. It means so much to us to see our friends and family coming together showing love and supporting us. So thank you Jami and Kari for putting this together for us!

Well when we travel we are planning on taking donations to our care center to the kids waiting for families. Some have been asking what kind of things? So I asked my email group from people who have recently traveled and I am going to post their suggestions.

"the center needs anti-bacterial soap, from the translation, sounded like soap and sanitizer gel. He said he is working to get more water purifiers also.

He (and Nurse Beza also)mentioned the furniture in the TV room truly needs replaced & he was going to see what the cost would be. $$'s seem to go so much farther there than here!! He is going to try & get an amount of what it would cost. Haile mentioned with opening the new center in Harare, there will be more needs.

Beza said they need bumbo chairs and a children's rocking chair."

"I thought they could use twin sheets too and pillow cases."

Also, our adoption agency is opening a new care Center in Harar, Ethiopia. So any cash donations would be great as the staff would be able to purchase items they need. The money goes much farther over there than here. They will also be needing larger pieces of furniture not only in the new care center but in the existing centers as they are quite worn. So if you want to donate any items or money, we will be happy to take it when we travel which would be around July to August. Thank you so much!

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