Monday, May 31, 2010

Didn't Pass Court

Well, I have postponed posting because we didn't pass court. I was hoping that the next time I wrote I would have good news. But unfortuntley I do not. Our MOWA letter was not in the kid's files so they gave another court date in three weeks, which was really hard since so many families 2nd court dates are usually in a couple days not weeks. However, there was a lot going on in Addis last week. They had elections last Sunday and there were riots, protests, and celebrating that caused some delays. But before the week ended, I had to email our adoption manager and ask if he heard any news about our MOWA letter before everything shut down for the weekend and I got some good news. Our MOWA letters arrived so this Wednesday the lawyer will petition to the judge to see if we can get our court date moved up. (They only can petition to the judge on Wednesdays) Also, Mekie's mom was in court, so there is no way she could come back now and change her mind. So even though we didn't pass, we made baby steps closer to getting our kids.

I just want to thank all of you for all your prayers and thoughts this past week. But please continue to pray for our little ones. Pray that they will be ready to accept us, pray for their health, and pray for this coming Wed.! We got to see video of our kids this morning and they are so precious. It brought me to tears watching them. It was so hard being in America while they were all they way over in Ethiopia. I wanted them home so bad!!

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