Monday, August 29, 2011

More Fun Times in May...

 We had a new addition to our family. Derek's brother and his wife Kari had a little boy named Lucas. So for fun I had to take some pictures. Mekie just loves real babies. Over the past year she had no idea how to play with a baby doll but now she carries them all over! But when there is a real baby she gets so excited. She thought she was big stuff when she got to hold Lucas!

 On Memorial Day Weekend, we went camping with my brother, his wife, and my grandparents. My dad also stopped in! My brother and his wife (Tyler and Elissa) bought the kids kites. That kept them entertained for a while. We had a few kites escape that we had to chase down, some got tangled, and just flew with no problems!
 Tyler and Elissa also got the kids water balloons. That is Elissa below handing out the balloons.
 We started out close and then moved farther back. They all did pretty good but had fun when they got wet!

 Then we took the water balloons and tossed them over the raquet ball net. That did not turn out so good. It was a good idea but too hard.
 Ethan loves his John Deere tractor. He likes to help daddy mow! But his tractor always goes too slow and runs out of gas!!
I think that is it for onto June. I will catch up some day I know it. I have a full week at home and I had minor foot surgery this morning so been on  the couch all day. So I know the next few days I should get more pictures up!

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