Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Garrett had a great season! He was hitting off a pitching machine this year. From the first game to the last was a huge improvement. Every year gets more interesting to watch! It is so fun to see how every year he improves catching and hitting!

Daddy giving him a pep-talk before he hits!

Ash was not so sure about playing baseball this year but by the end he loved it. He was such a great hitter and has a rocket arm! He improved so much over the year. He didn't even know how to stand to hit a ball and by the end he was crushing the ball! Way to go Ash.

Mekie posing for the camera. As you can tell, Mekie had no care about baseball but had so much fun picking me bouqets. Thank you Mekie for all my pretty flowers this season!

Great job boys this year! Can't wait to see you play next year!

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