Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick trip to Indy

After an extremely long week, we headed to Indy for the weekend. Last week Derek was out of town the entire week. And I was snowed in with 4 kids for 3 days. While I was snowed in, Garrett lost his first tooth, Ash celebrated his 5th birthday (1st birthday in US), and the sewer backed up! So all I have to say about that was the kids were extremely great and made for a pleasant time snowed in even if the house smelled like sewer!I have to say that I have the best kids in the whole world!!

So I had a jewelry show in Indy on Saturday so Derek and the kids came along. So when we were getting ready to leave there was no snow and then the heavens opened and it was pouring down with snow! We all ready had our hotel and the kids were so excited to go swimming so we continued on. Almost ever 2 miles there was some that had slid off the road into the ditchd. Only one time were we backed up in traffic for 30-45 minutes with a big accident ahead. And as we got closer to Indy the snow wasn't slowing down and the roads were so bad that my show finally canceled. So I had the whole day free with the family and we finally arrived to our hotel safe.

So once in the hotel the kids couldn't wait to go swimming. We all got changed and headed down to the pool. Then we had one more surprise for the kids, INJERA!!! I know most of you don't know what that is but Ash and Mekie love it! It is what they ate the 4 years they lived in ET. Fort Wayne doesn't have any Ethiopian resturants or ways to get injera. So after swimming we headed to an Ethiopian resturant to get some injera! Garrett or Ethan had never had any before so they were not quite sure what to expect. But it ended with Garrett begging to stay!!!

So when we entered, we were the only ones there and there was a TV playing an Ethiopian DVD with dancing and music. Mekie and Ash were so shy but had big smiles. Garrett was also very shy and didn't know what to do and Ethan was just Ethan. So we took a seat and ordered injera with Dora Wat (spicy chicken stew that the Ash and Mekie ate every day at the care center) and some potatoes, and eggs and beef. While waiting for our food we were talking with our Ethiopian waitresses. They were speaking Amharic to Ash and Mekie but they were so shy they wouldn't speak it. They covered their faces and just laughed. Mekie wanted to dance so bad and our waitress kept asking her to dance but she wouldn't. After our food came, everyone got injera. Garrett stoically started to pull it apart and eat the toppings with little complaint. Ash and Mekie pounded their food. Ethan, to our surprise, loved the Dora Wat and even though he kept saying "It spicy" , he wanted more.

So Mekie still dancing to the music in her seat while eating, I bargined with her, dancing for ice cream! So she agreed. She went up front with our waitresses and danced for an hour or so. And as the time went on Garrett crept up front, then Ethan, then Ash and they all were dancing. Derek enjoyed a conversation with an Ethiopian man that either worked there or knew the waitresses. I so enjoyed watching my kids dancing. It was such an unexpected, pleasant evening. Everyone left wanting to stay longer and had enjoyed themselves. I love Ethiopians. They are so welcoming and loving!

So on the way back to the hotel, since I promised Mekie ice cream and she entertained the entire resturant for an hour, we had to stop and get ice cream! Then into jammies and we watched Toy Story 2 until everyone's eyes were heavy.

So I have to brag about my kids for one moment! When I say I have the best kids in the whole world, I mean it. I love going away with them. Some people see it as added stress taking kids away for the weekend. But I love it. They are good in the car, they each carry their own bags, they are well behaved, and they listen to directions so good. Derek and I loved yesterday with the kids and it couldn't have been any better!

So for this morning, we are up, had breakfast, and Derek took the kids down to swim while I finished typing this post. So I am wrapping this up so I can go down and play with my family!

Have a great Sunday!


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