Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fulton County Fair

Checking out the horses while heading to the rides.
They each got enough tickets for 3 rides. Ash and Ethan chose to ride on the choo-choo train.
Garrett and Mekie went through the fun house. I told Garrett to stay with his sister and off they went. Then Garrett came out with no Mekie. I said "Where's Mekie". His answer "I don't know". I said "Go find her". Then in a couple minutes he came back out with no Mekie and again I asked "Where's Mekie" and again he said "I don't know" He ran back and in a couple seconds came out with Mekie. Good Job Garrett keeping an eye out for your sister!!!
Garrett wanted to ride a big ride. So, he's just a couple inches too short to ride the "really big" ones so the scrambler was as close as we got to a "big ride". But he still had to ride with an adult. So Derek went with him. I tried to capture his face on the picture but the bar holding him in was in front of his face. So during the whole ride I had no idea if he was having fun or not! But the photo above of him coming of the ride tells you how he liked the ride!!!
All the kids rode on the airplane ride. And they all liked the ride!
Mekie is smiling by the way. Her smiles, her nose wrinkles up and she looks angry but she really is smiling. I really hope we can get some good pictures of her with out the "angry smile" someday!

Ash, Mekie and Ethan rode on the cars. This actually was the first ride Ash and Mekie went on. When we told them we were going to go on some rides Ash picked out the one that swings you off to the side high into the air and then swings you back down. He was instistent on going. So Derek and I told him he needed to go on something a little smaller for his first ride to make sure he actually liked rides. So this was their first ride! Ash was so excited to drive his very own "mah-kina". So Ethan and Mekie took off but Ash was still sitting there. He was trying to steer the car and move back and forth to try to make the car move. Finally it took off and his whole face smiled! All the kids had so much fun with the rides. And it was so fun seeing Ash and Mekie's first time riding the fair rides!
And of course, it's not the fair without the kids sitting on the tractors. Ethan is my little tractor boy. He loves tractors. We will be in the car going somewhere and if he sees a tractor , he will yell out "boom-boom tractor". The kids and I actually went to the fair Friday night of Labor day weekend (Derek was traveling) and the tractor pull was going on. We didn't even see the tractors pulling but he could hear them!! And every time a tractor started to pull, Ethan would have this strut that he would walk and this serious face yelling out "boom-boom tractor". He cracked me up. It was so funny!
All four of them up on the "pumbcine" as Ethan says!
We had such a great time at the fair this year. Derek and I had no idea of what to expect with 4 kids and all the stimulation and people. But they had fun and so did we. Another first for Ash and Mekie!!

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